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Bleh... its 1 AM and I refuse to sleep because I keep getting a bunch of night terrors, and yesterday night's was the last straw. I kept trembling all day and I just couldn't stop getting paranoid so I'd honestly rather go all night sleepless than try risking getting another night terror, my anxiety can only take so much..... 
One would think with all the dream catchers I have around my room, that getting so many of these things would be impossible or at the very least uncommon. I have like 10 of the damn things with two of them being right by my head and the others being scattered along the rest of my walls.
I don't know the meanings behind all of them but I have one that has a medicine bag, two pelt ones: black leather?, and a spotted rabbit pelt. the rest are singular ones that either have paintings on them or are just simple designs that I've managed to collect since I was in middle school. I think my parents stopped getting me them when I ran out of wall space in my previous room. I keep the one my grandpa bought me (medicine one) nearby since it was the first one that started my collection and is more or less I keep sake I have from him since he passed away last year.

On a side note, it is really rainy outside, its been raining on and off all day, and it just started up again since it had stopped around noon. I can here the distant pitter-patter of the rain that seems to fluctuate between being a heavy down pour, to barely sprinkling as it beats against the concrete outside the window and echoes through the heater I have nearby. Now and then I can hear the distant rumble of thunder and sometimes catch a flash of lightning outside my small window as the storm rolls onward leaving a nice quiet scene in its path. I can only hope that the smell of rain will linger when I wake up to open the doors in morning to let the fresh air in. Rainstorms are uncommon in this city, but when a storm comes they are rather violent, with flash floods now and then since this city is right along the mountains ridge situated in a valley... However there is nothing I love more about this place than the smell of the air after a desert storm, I sometimes wish it would rain here more often, our plants and trees could sure use all the free water too. lol
It's times like this I'm glad my family has a green thumb, because there is a huge patch of mint  that grow semi-wild outside my door and when ever it rains, the smell of rain mixes with the smell of the fresh spear mint and it just creates a beautiful smell~!  That me and my mother could honestly spend hours by a window just listening to the rain with the door cracked open to the let the air from outside travel in, while we drink tea in silence.

I hope it rains again tomorrow, that way I can situate my laptop and such near patio area and enjoy the rain while I keep working on assignments. >w< 


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Arlynn Flores
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I major in Pen art and Digital art, preferring to draw canines, birds, & the occasional felines.
I'm hoping to make enough cash to study at the Art Institute, and maybe travel abroad when I get the chance.
Right now I make a living off of whatever little art work I can sell or commission while I hunt for a job.


Custom Adopt [specify] (10.00 USD)
Request what type of design you would like, include an example if you can and I will create it for you.
(if it's priced differently let me know~!)
Lineart (12.00+ USD)
Tattoo Remake by DeadWolfGirl93
12USD Digital Line Art (Any color) 

-Will Include a single color BG of your choosing free of charge.

+ Cell shading for 2 USD 
+ Realistic shading for 2 USD
+ Additional 2 USD for additional characters!

Example includes the following:
Realistic Shading: 2.00
Digital Line Art: 12. 00
Total: 14.00 USD
Detailed Sketch (8.00 - 10.00 USD)
YCH batch 1 [CLOSED] by DeadWolfGirl93
Sketch9 Glow vs Kaze by DeadWolfGirl93
Detailed Sketch of a Character in your choice of Profile or Full Body. (price wont change.)

8USD for a digital sketch in your choice of color
5USD for traditional sketch (in either Blue or Black ink.)

-Includes single color of BG of choice or default grey (for digital only).
Flat Artwork (14.00+ USD)
Yellowfang's death [spoilers] by DeadWolfGirl93
14.00 USD Digital ONLY

-Line art and colored drawing
-Includes a simple colored BG of your choice free of charge

+ 2 USD for each additional characters
+ 4 USD for Detailed  Background (Please specify if you have anything in particular in mind)
+ 2 USD for cell Shading
+ 4 USD for realistic Shading

Featured Drawing Includes the Following:

2 Characters (additional 2 USD for the 2nd)
4 USD Background
4 USD realistic Shading.
Total of: 24 USD

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